A Healthy Product

Walking in the herd: a careful and humane way to gather cattle together.

Walking in the herd: a careful and humane way to gather cattle together.

We raise predominantly Angus cattle. They have good meat quality with a reputation for marbling. We choose cattle with good muscling and calm temperments (an excited animal generally produces tougher meat,) and handle them carefully and humanely.

Unlike almost all other beef sold in this country, our cattle have not received any steroids or growth hormones. Our cattle may not produce as much meat per cut as corn-fed, steroid-pumped cattle. Our cattle also have not been fed to the fatness that feedlot cattle reach, so the animals will not have as much fat on their carcass as feedlot cattle. However, the meat should be much healthier for you than predominantly corn-fed cattle. (You may notice that the fat is more yellow than white. This is from higher levels of beta-carotene, precursor of Vitamin A, in grass-fed beef.) We 

The animals we sell have not had any antibiotics during their lives nor any vaccinations in the last year. The beef that comes from grass-fed cattle has high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acid in it (like cold water fish), more vitamin A, and conjugated linoleic acid. This acid reportedly makes the beef healthier for you and  has both anti-cancer and heart beneficial properties. Plus, the grass-fed beef without steroids just tastes better.

Our animals are fed a limited amount of grain (a mix of sunflowers and corn) when necessary, but are mostly grazed on grass. We try to stay away from corn, but with the drier conditions of the past year, our usual concentrated protein feed has shifted from sunflowers only to a sunflower and corn mix. We’ll move away from corn in our mix as soon as conditions permit.

Our cattle are corralled only for weaning, and never feed-lotted. 

I have decided to sacrifice the additional size and fatness of a traditionally marketed fat animal in order to provide you with the safest, healthiest, and best tasting meat possible.