Three steers available for whole, halves, or quarters

Some of the herd

Some of the herd

If you like having premium, grass-fed Angus beef on-hand year-round, consider purchasing a whole, half or quarter steer. The hanging weight (that's including bones, meat, and fat) for each quarter is usually around 175 pounds, and yields a wide range of cuts, from roasts, to steaks, to ground beef. This year we're asking $4.50 per pound, hanging weight, for halves and quarters. The average cost for a quarter this year is $787.


If you order a quarter, it’s what we call a “split quarter”: this means you have the opportunity to get a mix of cuts from both the front and back of a side.


After you place your order, the nice folks at Otteman's Meat Processors in nearby Flagler, Colorado will contact you about how you want your steer cut. This way, you get the cuts you want, at the thickness you prefer, packaged in the number of pieces that you want. Otteman's will charge you separately for processing.

In a typical beef processing operation a pound of hamburger may be a mix of the meat from over one hundred animals.  At our processor each animal is separately processed: you only get meat from your animal.

Your beef is double-wrapped in plastic, then in paper so that it can last in a freezer for a year without freezer burn.

To order

Please e-mail us or use the contact page for more information or to place an order.